The innovation, an actual business philosophy

Your professions are constantly evolving. Interfas, which is the leading specialist on the industrial label market, has successfully adapted its structure with modernity and flexibility and has managed to stand out from the competition thanks to its capacity to apprehend your needs. By developing even more competitive labelling products and even more technical applications, Interfas meets future requirements. Interfas’s spool holders, also referred to as dorsal holders or liners, are thinner and thinner. Not only does this innovation allow our customers to change the spool less often (which saves time), but it also allows them to reduce CO2 emissions by diminishing the weight of the spools.

Offset and Flexo prints

Our latest generation equipment makes it possible to produce Offset and Flexo prints with water-based inks.
Interfas’s machinery’s environmental impact is completely controlled. These are amongst the many assets we possess to guarantee an optimal quality, a quick implementation and the best period.

ISO 9001

AfaqInterfas is very much involved with its customers, which is the reason why your satisfaction is a priority.
Our employees’ commitment and the back-up of every applications in our computer system has helped us obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

QUALETIC certification label

QualetiqBecause we always care about being efficient, Interfas is committed to maximising its quality. Thus, we are one of the first companies to obtain the Qualétic certification label, attributed by the Union Nationale des Fabricants d’Etiquettes Adhésives (the National Union of Adhesive Labels Manufacturers) according to strict specifications.