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The industry you work in requires very specific needs in terms of identification and traceability of your parts and components?

To help you with that, we can edit variable data such as datamatrix and barcodes. Your solutions must last and be adaptable with reactivity to just in time logistics? Interfas provides synchronous labels and RFID labels which meet numerous current security regulations and improve your productivity.

Etiquette Datamatrix

Datamatrix labels

With Datamatrix labels, Interfas enables the storing of the maximum information on very small surfaces. This dimensional code has revolutionised industrial traceability since it also offers different redundancy levels, unlimited dimensions and increased ease of reading.

RFID labels

RFID labels revolutionise identification and traceability in automobile and electronics industries. If you want to learn more about them, have a look at the RFID labels pages.

Etiquette Galia ETI9

ETI9 labels (Galia)

GALIA labels, including the recent ETI 9 label, match the labelling standard in the automobile sector. The standardisation of the identification methods of packing and handling units encourages international exchanges. The world is into it, and so are we!

Tamper-proof labels

Interfas chooses the most technical materials for your security labels: VOID films, destroyable films, anti-fraud prints or cuts. For instance, anti-theft labels help check the authenticity of a product because if anyone attempts to rip the labels, they will be destroyed or damaged. To find out more about the security labels we make, visit our page “Our products”.

etiquettes synchrones

Synchronous labels

These labels will help you find the identification numbers of the parts and components at any time. Also, you’ll be able to tell what place it was sent from and you will have the guarantee that the barcodes are of premium quality, regardless of the site that printed them. Interfas offers adapted applications thanks to its very strong labels for high speed automated take-off.


All of our electronics or automobile industries labels can either be adhesive or not, pre-printed or not, and in the format of your choice. You choose and we take care of what’s left.