Interfas has high quality ribbons for you to edit your labels yourself!
We can advise you on the best adequacy between your label and its ribbon, and we will test it for you in case of any new application. For the success of your application, choose our range of ribbons.

Thermal transfer ribbons

A large range of thermal transfer ribbons in wax, wax/resin and resin quality for the whole of the barcodes printers, in “flat head” and “near-edge” technology, is offered to you.

The ribbons’ high density of ink will enable you to obtain excellent qualities prints at a very high speed on any label. PrintID encourages the flexibility of its products by offering special colours, personalised lengths and widths, plastic or hard-bound mandrels.

Interfas offers:

  • Wax based ribbons, which can be used on several types of supports (vellum, dull coated paper, etc.) On the other hand, their resistance to outdoor storage (rain, cold, UV rays) is average, even on synthetic supports. However, their cost is lower and they will suit perfectly for indoor applications (logistic labels, automobile labels…)
  • Wax and resin based ribbons, which are more resistant than those only with wax. You can indeed use them for not too harsh outdoor applications (resistance to rain, UV rays, cold.) Thermal transfer films are perfect on synthetic supports or brilliant coated papers and will suit nursery gardeners, for example.
  • Resin based ribbons, which are very resistant, have a long durability and suit perfectly in the chemistry electronics industries, where labels will have to endure harsh environments. Used on synthetic supports (polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene), these ribbons guarantee very performing electronic or chemical products labelling!
What’s the difference between « near-edge » and « flat-head » ? According to the printer you own, the print head can vary. Thus, certain ribbons will be specific to the “flat-head” technology and others to the “near-edge” technology.

You will find this information user manual of your printer or on the website of your printer’s constructor. Our commercial will then know what ribbon will suit best!

Hot-foil ribbons

We offer to you a large range of Coding ribbons, in blacks or coloured, of different qualities and for various coders.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives in order to determine what type of ribbon will match your labels and printer and guarantee the best quality edition.


Do you want to publish your labels yourself?
PrintID, Interfas’ subsidiary, sells the most famous brands of printers. Each one of them covers a broad product range meeting specific needs.

From the smallest to the largest volume and regardless of your industry, your interlocutor will accompany you towards the printing solution that is the most adapted to your needs.