1. Our terms of sale apply to all orders placed with us, notwithstanding any clause to the contrary in our customers’ commercial documents.

2. Our price offers are valid for two months. After this period, please consult us. The prices are given without commitment . The products are invoiced at the price in force at the time of delivery.

3. Our prices are free of tax. The VAT is paid on the debits.

4. All orders are firm, without any need for INTERFAS to confirm them.

5. The delivery of a signed “print order” by the customer releases INTERFAS from any liability for errors or omissions found after printing.

6. The delivery deadlines are given as an indication and their non-observance can in no case motivate returned goods or any compensation.

7. The lack of raw material or the impossibility of obtaining it in a normal way can cause us to cancel the order partially or completely without giving right to any compensation.

8. Any delivery automatically entails immediate invoicing of the corresponding quantity.

9. It is the responsibility of the recipient to check the goods upon receipt and to immediately note any reservations on the delivery note in order to establish the responsibility of the carriers in case of delays, damages or shortages. In case of dispute, a registered letter with acknowledgement must be sent to the carrier within 48 hours with a copy to Interfas, failing which no compensation can be demanded by the recipient.

10. Any defects must be notified without delay to our commercial services who will then study the measures to be taken.

11. Unless expressly stated otherwise in writing, invoices are payable within 30 days by bank transfer.

12. Any delay in payment leads, after prior notice, to
– the refusal of any new order,
– the invoicing of the costs and losses suffered by INTERFAS according to article 13,
– the immediate payment of all outstanding invoices.
The Law LME 2008-774 of August 4, 2008 sets the rate of late payment penalties at a rate that cannot be less than 3 times the legal interest rate in France.
The Law 2012-387 of April 22, 2012, article 121, introduced the principle of a fixed indemnity for collection costs of 40 euros.

13. The ownership of the goods is retained by INTERFAS until full payment of the price.

14. Delivery tolerances. Due to the particular hazards of the production of continuous forms and labels, unless expressly mentioned in writing and in accordance with the practice of the profession, the delivery tolerances are in the order of + or – 5 to 10%.

15. All drawings, models or compositions studied and created by our services remain the entire property of INTERFAS and cannot be claimed or registered by our customers.
16. All disputes will be dealt with by the Court of Evreux.

17. The products sold are in conformity with the specifications in our possession at the time of contracting. If any changes occur which affect the manufactured product, we cannot be held responsible for them. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of any changes made to the specifications before production. The products are part of an industrial process in which each element can result in malfunction. In case of malfunctioning, it will be necessary to control and analyze all the elements of the process.

18. The recipients must affix their commercial stamp, their name in clear and their signature on the delivery notes.

19. Any cancellation of an order by the customer will automatically result in the invoicing of the actual costs incurred and of the quantities already manufactured due to factory planning constraints.
In addition, as prices are defined for a global quantity, any partial cancellation of an order will result in an upward revision of the selling price of the quantities already manufactured (even if already invoiced).

20. All our products must be stored in a dry place between 15°C and 25°C for a maximum period of 6 months. If for your specific needs If you wish to store them in different conditions or for a longer period of time, please consult your usual contact person.