Étiquettes Tertiaire

Whether you work in cultural or sports associations or in professional organisations, you increasingly need to trace and secure your products, services or even your clients. In such economy where the image has an important part to play, the action of communicating information to your clients has become essential.

Interfas is going further to offer you a more global and wider range of management documents, commercial prints and labels.

Etiquette intégrée

A4 Form with integrated label or membership cards

This makes the first approach between an association and its adherent official. Interfas can pre-edit the forms, which facilitates your work and allows you to focus on your core competencies. Thanks to our forms and cards, you will make a great impression!

Etiquette bibliothèque

Book shelves labels

Do you want to secure your products or know when the books, CDs and DVD were borrowed? Thanks to these small barcodes labels, you only need to scan them and everything you need to know will instantly be recorded on your software. This time saving application lets you know who has borrowed a book, since when and until when, in seconds only.

Authentication cards

These labels can be found in different shapes; amongst them, you will find VOID labels, RFID labels, matriculation labels and any other kind of security labels. To effectively authenticate your goods and equipment, contact Interfas!

Parking stickers

This label will only allow your customers to enter your parking lot. Thanks to the removable glue, this sticker does not leave any trace on the windshield. Also, this four-coloured sticker can become a very useful communication medium if you choose to print the name of you company and its logo on it.

Etiquette bacs poubelle

Outside bin labels

Local council community are important actors in our everyday life and it is very important to communicate to the citizens. These four-coloured label make it even easier to separate the rubbish for recycling but they also value your city and its values. With its synthetic material and anti-UV inks, the labels will resist outdoor storage.