Your working environment requires glue-less labels for your products?

Matériaux non-adhésifs

Interfas developed many non-adhesive labels that allow a reliable, long-term grip on various products. There are numerous solutions, available for every editing process (specific cuts, tear-proof matters, cardboards). There is a made to measure label for every practical application!

Printed in offset or in flexo, these label models are made to meet every requirements: grease, high temperature, rain, cold, etc.

If you want to find out more about our labels and customisable features (format, colour, material, etc.), visit our page “Our products”.
You will also see our in stock products, which can be delivered under 72 hours!

Non-adhesive labels

Direct food contact labels

Interfas works in total transparency and offers certified labels that entirely meet the laws and sanitary requirements. These labels guarantee an optimum security and quality for you products.

Etiquette norme CE

Labels in compliance with the CE marking

Created with the scope of the European legislation, the CE marking is now mandatory for some products. Interfas offers professional industrial labels that are in compliance with these requirements and which also provide an excellent durability, allowing you to edit any type of data, regardless of your editing equipment.

Tear-proof labels

Security is at the heart of Interfas’s preoccupations and we make available numerous references which ultra-duty material prevents any tearing. These tear-proof labels protect you from markdown, theft or loss of goods.

Nursery tags

etiquettes pepinieres

Interfas manufactures different types of tags to meet nurseries’ needs. There are two products that particularly suits their needs: loop tags and garden plant labels.

Loop tags produced by Interfas are very strong to identify plants, bushes or any other long-term outdoor storage products. Available in different formats, white or coloured, this practical application enables the editing of all your variable data by laser or thermal-transfer print. You can also choose the anti-markdown that prevents theft.

Garden plant labels are very strong and performing. They are the perfect choice if you want to store your products outdoor for a long time. These non-adhesive labels are available in stock in different formats. You can customise them by editing bar codes or photos, but you must know that we can do it for you if needed.