Etiquettes agroalimentaire

Because of the generalisation of just-in-time production, of new regulations and of the evolution of consumption patterns, you working environment is completely changing. Interfas, an expert in label manufacturing, offers a wide range of velium or synthetic, adhesive or non-adhesive labels, that meet specific information and communication needs and can resist special environments (cold, humidity, food contact).

Identification and value-creation often go together in your industry, as well as nutritional labelling and food contact labels for example. Interfas will do everything it can give you full satisfaction.

Etiquette de valorisation

Value-creating labels

These labels are an essential tool in the food industry. They will help you attract and keep consumers. For example, it is important to highlight the organic certification of vegetables, fruits and any other organic product. Thus, Interfas can provide customised four-coloured labels that will value the products you sell.

Biodegradable labels

Biodegradable labels respect our environment. Composed of PLA, it is perfect for indirect food labelling (fruits, vegetables, drinks, etc.) which package is biodegradable too. To learn more about them, have a look at our page about “eco-friendly labels”.

Etiquetage nutritionnel

Nutritional labels

These labels are essential for consumers, thus the importance of clear information and a valued product thanks to the label. The European Parliament requires a labelling that contains at least 5 to 8 nutrients. Interfas offers both adapted four-coloured labels and value-creating labels for the best price.

Tide labels

They enable traceability of the product until it’s in the hands of the consumer. European standards are very demanding in terms of identification and traceability of sea food products. For instance, they require double information, both on the product and the point of sale. Our labels can be double with high-performance gluing so that they will stick quickly and efficiently on the package, even if it is humid.

Traçabilité des viandes

Food contact labels to track meat products

These labels enable traceability and identification. Many legal obligations must be taken into account. That’s why Interfas will guide you into this approach. Muscle tickets, carcass tickets or even certification labels: Interfas offers many technical solutions while fully complying with food regulation materials but also solutions adapted to your production process conditions.