Étiquettes Textile

Save time and improve your company’s efficiency with the applications developed by Interfas in collaboration with very famous brands in the textile industry.

Quality, efficient processes and demanding logistics are required in the textile industry. In order to deal with competition and the fast pace of flows, Interfas created practical and functional labels to meet your information and communication needs but also to help through logistics, all along the production chain, the quality control and the conveyance of your products to your clients.

Directional labels

This solution enables the identification of clothing trays, decoration articles or accessories intended for shops. Available in all formats and in several colours, the final label is stuck on the side of plastic trays and is then conveyed to the packaging chain, depending on the barcode.

Etiquette vêtement

Clothing labels

These labels are the complete identification solution for your garments: reference, barcodes, size, colours, composition, price… Editing variable data can offer a double function to your labels: communication and information. The editing process can be done on your production site or on ours. Besides giving more value than a cardboard label, synthetic labels are easier to hang thanks to their perforation and they are tear-proof too.

Hang labels

These labels are very specific. They are perfect for socks, shoes, sports items, lingerie or even leather goods. This product, which target is very particular, is one of the many products Interfas masters. Depending on how you use them, we can shape the labels very precisely (a hole and folding perforation) with stunning four-coloured print that will add value to your products. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote!

Etiquette produit

Product labels

They are both value-creation and identification labels. You can display information and communication at the same time with very nice four-coloured labels! Interfas offers Offset and Flexo printing systems, coatings and laminations. These labels will carry out true added value. Interfas gives much importance to the convenience its labels offer and is for 2 in 1 labels, which are more efficient.

Anti-theft labels

They are security labels. They can be adhesive or non-adhesive. There are different possibilities: label destruction, VOID, oxidation of the glue, tear-proof labels… If you want to stop shoplifting and counterfeiting, give us a call!