Interfas offers a wide range of RFID labels

Our offer is composed of products such as NFC tags, authentication labels or security labels. Also, it is important to know that RFID labels can either be active or passive and what this means exactly.
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The NFC tag is an electronic chip that offers a quick reading of the data, the possibility to update information as well as a significant memory capacity. Near-field communications and the huge growth of NFC tags will revolutionise traceability.

Authentication labels that use RFID technology guarantee the compliance of the product or the packaging while certifying that it was actually manufactured by your company. Based on your specific needs, Interfas will be able to tell you whether you need an active RFID label or a passive one.

Security labels are extremely efficient when they work with RFID chips. Traceability requires more than the identification of your products. The reliability of the process, its location and its verification, in other words, securing your goods, are ensured thanks to the electronic label.

If you are looking for a label which purpose is either to ensure the security of your products, or to trace them, Interfas can offer you a wide range of cheaper products that are as efficient as RFID labels:

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