Solutions respectueuses de l’environnement

Interfas brings efficient solutions to professionals’ environmental concerns. The expert in labelling solutions offers “certified” biodegradable labels, especially for direct food contact.
These eco-responsible labels, which environmental impact is controlled, are an excellent communication medium.

Our Eco-friendly labels

Recyclable labels

Our labels faces are now recyclable! Interfas offers a whole line of labels with supports, inks and coatings that answer environmental requirements.

Etiquette biodégradable

Biodegradable labels

Biodegradable labels that respect and make your products more attractive. Interfas can make entirely biodegradable labels with PLA (Polylactic Acid degradable). The material used for the label is entirely degradable, which means that the package on which the label is stuck must be degradable too. However, this label cannot be used if it is in contact with food, but is perfect for bottled juice.

Multi-purpose labels

Interfas gives great attention to the practicality of its labels and supports its 2 in 1 labels. Unique and functional, it meets several functional demands with efficiency. Do you need to identify, trace and add value to your products? Forget about multiplying labels and choose, for example, a Datamatrix code, your logo and a nice four-coloured label on a single material!

etiquettes liner fin

Labels on slim liner

Do you want an ultra slim liner that will also be very strong? Do you want to stock less spools but have more labels on them? We can make this happen thanks to our slim liner rolls. Our new solution helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Food contact labels

Eco-design is now at the heart of the manufacturing process for our labels. “Food” labels are a tremendous marketing tool that will allow you to go further in your approach and and eco-designed labels give consumers peace of mind regarding the safety of food which is in contact with labels. Ask for a cost estimate for your food contact labels!

Food contact inks

Low migratory inks are one of the latest innovations in the labelling industry. This range of products was elaborated for Interfas and for labels that are in direct contact with foodstuffs. The INCO regulation on nutritional labelling means that quality managers from big food industry companies need to comply with the requirements of these new European rules on foodstuffs labelling. Thus, the inks we use fully comply with regulation, especially the Reach regulation, and do not contain any trace of Bisphenol A. With this in mind, Interfas helps you through the designing process of your new package thank to the experience we acquired over the years.